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What We Do

We’re building powerful computer vision solutions

Object Detection and Tracking
Object Counting
PPE Detection

Tractus considerably simplifies computer vision for organizations. Therewithal, it provides software that enables businesses to successfully connect their data, processes, and decisions.

No-code Platform

Use no-code technology to detect, train and build computer vision applications

TeasyLabel is the end-to-end and no-code platform to annotate, train, detect and manage ground truth data for your AI.

Data Analytics

Tractus allows users to securely access data to achieve results faster

Simplify the issues that make it challenging to use business data. Tractus Dashboard provides business intelligence and data management so that everyone in your organization has access to the data they need.

Our Partners

Industry Solutions

Accessing AI across all industries

Tractus provides end-to-end solution for organizations to develop and operate real-world computer vision applications.






Autonomous Vehicles






Aerial Imagery


eKYC has been awarded grant funding by TUBITAK 1501

We are happy to announce that Tractus Technology has been awarded grant funding by Tübitak 1501 Industrial R&D Projects Program with eKYC product!

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Build any AI vision application

Tractus develops software and automation systems based on machine learning, artificial neural networks and deep learning based image processing.