Features of Tractus eKYC

Tractus eKYC is a product suite that consists of numerous integrated components that assist companies in implementing digital ID verification in next-generation customer journeys.

Security and Compliance

Fraud Protection

Time Saving

Fast and easy set-up (30 sec.)


Secure customer data storage

How does eKYC work?

It authenticates users in a matter of seconds with a simple, one-time 4-step customer verification process:


ID Verification

User photographs their ID from both sides


Text Extraction

Extract information such as TC Number, name etc.



User performs some simple movements for liveness detection purposes.


Face Matching

User is verified, onboarded and ready to go!

eKYC Product Video

Learn how Tractus eKYC can streamline your customer onboarding process, ensure full regulatory compliance and reduce fraud.

Automated Identity Verification Solutions

Software that is both flexible and stable and can be easily incorporated into your workflow. Verify user identities and documents in seconds to open customer accounts quickly and reduce risk. Save time and money by lowering the operating costs.

Document Verification

Verify and authenticate ID documents at scale in real time

KYC & Automation

Save time and money by automating the KYC/Identity Verification process


Ensures that the users are 'live' by asking them to complete a task on camera

Face Matching

Verify a customer’s identity by comparing an ID document photo with a selfie-picture to make sure that they (both) belong to the same person

eKYC Industries

The process of using data to guide business strategy is known as data analytics. Our data analytics experts at Tractus assist companies in overcoming all obstacles by offering high-quality data analytics services.

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